Kees Consultancy is your specialist when it comes to quality systems for the animal feed sector.
Active in the animal feed and animal feed transport market since 1997, as a consultant since 2001 and as a GMP + auditor since 2005 underline the broad knowledge and experience in this field.


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Kees auditor GMP+

Who is Kees?
Kees is Kees Stuij. Born in 1970, married, lover of horses, chickens and the outdoors.
Kees has experience in the quality sector since 1997, has been a consultant since 2001 and an international auditor since 2005.
All this experience provides a solid and broad source of knowledge on which you can rely.
Kees has been a freelance auditor since 2005. Various inspection authorities have since called on him.
Kees is currently accredited for
GMP+ B1, B2, B3, B4
New GMP+ 2020 scheme

gmp plus

GMP+ standard

In 1992, after several serious incidents caused by contaminated feed materials, the Dutch feed industry decided to establish a certification scheme for feed safety: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). This was the start of our journey in making a real difference to feed and food safety worldwide.